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Union Avoidance

Through a program of education and strategic communication, we can help your organization maintain its union-free advantage. Our approach to responding to union threats is to understand why some employees may look to a third party. Employees often look for help outside the workplace as a means to resolve workplace issues, but they may approach unions for other reasons, such as a lack of job security, a desire to affiliate, or a simple misunderstanding of what a union can and cannot do in the workplace. Determining what the drivers of union interest are, where the campaign is along the election timeline, and how prepared management is to engage in the labor relations process will determine the specific course of action for any campaign efforts.

Whether in the early card signing stages or facing a traditional 42-day election or a 10-day quickie election, any effective union avoidance effort will focus on educating supervisors and employees about the rights of all parties, key features of the National Labor Relations Act (including collective bargaining and strikes), and the election process. Well-informed voters are less likely to choose union representation over management.