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Business Literacy

High-performing organizations operate in a culture of transparency. Improving employee business literacy influences employee engagement and performance and leads to enhanced organizational strength and competitiveness. Companies that share business goals, operational plans, financials, and market data with employees report that their employees are more engaged, their morale is higher, and their retention rate exceeds the average. Employees are also more inclined to accept changes that occur in a tough business climate and less likely to resist management decisions.

Successfully educating employees in business matters requires a tailored, step-by-step approach. Many factors influence the structure of the business literacy program, including the workforce size, hours of work, location of work, skill level, tenure, demographics, and English language proficiency. We review these factors plus the organization’s current communication channels and processes. We then develop a customized, pro-employee business communication strategy that includes input from individuals at all levels and departments from across the organization.