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What is TLERC?

The Texas Labor and Employee Relations Consortium (TLERC) is an invitation only, professional networking forum for labor relations, human resources and operational leaders from across Texas. The idea for this exclusive group evolved from a conversation with a Houston-based Labor Relations executive who desired to develop relationships with labor & employee relations colleagues and operational leaders to share experiences and collaborate on industry trends. TLERC meets six times per year (twice in each host city – Houston, San Antonio/Austin, Dallas/Ft. Worth) to share updates on current activities and review the latest in economic, regulatory, and legal events impacting labor relations. We discuss ways to optimize the human factor in organizational performance. Seasoned practitioners, attorneys, and industry professionals lead topical discussions to promote the exchange of ideas.


This group is helpful to all senior leaders and especially those who anticipate or are currently engaged in some form of transition such as:

1) reorganization – including reductions in force
2) outsourcing or in-sourcing
3) mergers, acquisitions, or divestitures
4) rebranding
5) raising performance standards or
6) union organizing.

Events that may drive one company into organizational turmoil may allow another to prosper. Amid the inherent disruption of change, are people. An appreciation for the importance of effectively leading these individuals who will manage change is the common denominator for TLERC members.

TLERC Philosophy

“None of us is as smart as all of us.” With the benefit of collaborative thought from fellow members of various industries, regulatory environments, and organizations of varying size and structure – Consortium members can better understand and manage trends in the operational, legal, and political arenas that impact their ability to successfully achieve their business goals. Whether your organization is currently union-free or unionized, understanding the connection between strategy, people, and outcomes is vital to an organization’s success. Assessing your vulnerability to outside intervention such as litigation, regulatory investigation, media contact, and/or union organizing can be a major factor in certain business decisions. Whether it is communicating with your leadership and employees during a union drive, avoiding employment-related litigation, or improving performance – how an organization strategically thinks about its people (at all levels) is critical.

Who Should Attend & Membership Rates

Consortium membership is by invitation. Generally speaking, invitations are extended to senior operational and human resources leaders within two steps of the corporate suite (C suite). This might include vice presidents, senior directors, general managers and business unit managers who are responsible for the strategic direction of their functional areas. If you would like to be considered for membership or would like to refer a colleague for membership, please submit their name and contact information to The cost of a two year membership is $2,000.00. We are currently offering a complimentary membership to approved participants.